Note: (K) = Keynote Speaker (45 minutes);
(P) = Plenary Speaker (35 minutes);
(N) = Named Speaker (35 minutes);
(A)= Award presentation (30 minutes) S=session




Thursday, 29 June (DAY 1)


Yigong Shi (K), Tsinghua University
Title: Structural Basis of Pre-mRNA Splicing



Hans Clevers (K), Hubrecht Institute
Title: Lgr5 Stem Cell-based organoids in human disease


Friday, 30 June (DAY 2)


Zhu Chen (K), Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Title: Precision Medicine for Acute Leukemia: From Genomic Landscape to Effective Treatment



Jake Liang (N), NIH, the KT Jeang Memorial Lecture
Title: An Unexpected Journey: Insights from Hepatitis C Virus Infection to General Human Biology



S1. An Emergin Area of Targeted Cancer Therapy: DNA Damagae Repair and Signaling Pathways


S2. Cancer metabolism and beyond


S3. Innate Immune Responses and Inflammation


S4. Human genome stability and Gene-based therapy


S5. Mechanisms and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases 



S6. New Frontier of Cancer Metastasis Research: From Lab Bench to Bedside


S7. Hematological malignancies


S8. Biomotors, single-pore sensing and RNA nanotechnology


S9. Cell death and inflammasome signaling in normal physiology and diseases


S10. Nuclear Receptor Function and Diseases


14:00- 14:35

Xiaofeng Cao (P), Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS
Title: Insight of histone demethylases targeting in Arabidopsis


14:35- 15:05

Keji Zhao (A), NHLBI, National Institute of Health
Title: Regulation of T cell differentiation by histone methylation in trans via chromatin looping



S11. Metabolic risk factors and liver cancer


S12. Systemic Mechanisms of Aging


S13. New Concepts of Radiation Biology: its implication in human health and cancer therapy


S14. Human iPSC-based modeling of neurodevelopment and diseases


S15. Drug Discovery & Biomarkers


Saturday, 1 July (DAY 3)


Melanie Cobb (K), The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Title: WNK1 regulates endothelial cell migration and vascular remodeling through kinase-dependent and independent mechanisms.



Yifan Cheng (P), UCSF School of Medicine
Title: Single particle cryo-EM of membrane proteins in lipid nanodisc



S16. Mucosal Immunity and Associated Diseases


S17. Wnt signaling in development, stem cells, and cancer


S18. Novel Molecular Landscapes Leading to Prostate Cancer Progression


S19. Mechanisms of Genomic Instability Syndromes: From Genetics To Genomics


S20. Neurodevelopment and disorders



S21. Genomic and Nongemoic Signaling and Functions of Steroids and Their Receptors


S22. Retinal Function and Diseases


S23. Energy and Glucose Homeostasis: A Symphony by the Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine Orchestra


S24. Cure of Chronic Viral Hepatitis


S25. DNA damage responses and repair


14:00- 15:15

S26. Cullin-RING ligase and protein neddylation in cancer biology


S27. Regulatory T cells in cancers and autoimmune diseases


S28. Genomic and functional studies of human leukemia


S29. Stem cells: engineering and disease modeling


S30. Metabolic Targets for Cancer Therapy



S31. Epigenetics and Hamatological Malignancies


S32. Recent Advances in Cancer Research


S33. Immunotherapy


S34. Synaptic plasticity


S35. Frontiers of Liver Cancer Research


Sunday, 2 July (DAY 4)


Irving Weissman (K), Stanford School of Medicine
Title: Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cells



Liqun Luo (P), Stanford University
Title: Genetic dissection of neural circuits



S36. Paradoxical TGF‐beta Signaling in Development, Diseases and Therapeutics



S37. Therapeutic Resistance in Prostate Cancer



S38. Mechanisms of embryogenesis and organogenesis



S39. p53, Metabolism, and Cancer



S40. Genome maintenance, DNA Repair and Recombination



S41. Communication between transcription and histone regulation


S42. Fibrosis-molecular mechanisms and future therapeutics


S43. Neural development and related diseases


S44. Ubiquitin signaling in inflammation and cancer


S45. Neural circuit of behavior


14:00- 14:35

Dihua Yu (N), MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Tsai Fan Yu Legacy Lecture
Title: Devising Precision Cancer Medicine Guided by Novel Biological Insights


14:35- 15:05

Feng Shao (A), National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing
Title: Pyroptosis: from innate immunity to cancer



S46. Transcription Mechanisms and Human Diseases


S47. Blood cell research and treatment: leading precision & regenerative medicine again in the next decade


S48. Recombinant fusion proteins as novel therapeutics


S49. New Insights on Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Liver Diseases: Organ Crosstalk and Mechanisms


S50. Function and mechanism of Hedgehog signaling in development and diseases


Monday, 3 July (DAY 5)


Jiayang Li (K),  Institute  of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS
Title: Insights into ROS Sensing Systems in Plants



Chuan He (P), University of Chicago
Title: RNA Methylation in Gene Expression Regulation



Lieping Chen (A), Yale University